Active Infrared Detector, ABF-50/100/150/200/250

This infrared detector adopts the tunablefrequency and is a quadruple beams active infrared detector.

The infrared detector is designed with the quadruplebeams and digital frequency conversion technology.
2. The quadruple frequency can simultaneously blocked inspection.
3. The detector isequipped with digital wave filtering lighting and windowsighting telescope.
4. There are 4-band frequencies for option.
5. The detectoris designed with PC engineering plastic material.
6. Other additional functions of the detector include photicinstruction, OK instruction, test terminal and multilevel LEDindicator.

Technical Specifications
1. Model : ABF-50 ABF-100 ABF-150 ABF-200 ABF-250
2. Detecting distance:(outdoor)  50m 100m  150m  200m  250m
 (indoor) 150m 300m 450m  600m 750m
3. Beams: 4 Beams
4. Response speed: 50-500msec adjustable
5. Alarm output: 1C relay contact output, contact capabilityDC30V/0.5A MAX
6. Power and voltage: DC12~24V;AC11~18V
7. Operation current: 100mA/ 100mA /100mA /105mA /105mA
8. Working temperature: -25℃~55℃
9. Tamper output: 1Bcontact output,DC30V/0.5A MAX
10.Optical axis adjust angle(horizontal):180°(±90°)
11.Optical axis adjust angle(vertical): 20° (±10°)
12.Dew and frost solution: heating housing
13.Other additional function: sensor test output terminal, sensor multilevelLED indicator

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