Active Infrared Detector, <5>ABT-20/30/40/60/80/100

This infrared detector is equipped with dual beams.
2. Digital frequency conversion
3. The dual beams can simultaneously block inspection.
4. Infrared LED lighting.
5. The detector adopts PC engineering plastic material.
6. Heating housing for dew and frost proof solution.
7. The detector includes other additional function like photic instruction, OK instruction and test terminal.

Technical Specifications
Model :                                ABT-20    ABT-30    ABT-40    ABT-60    ABT-80    ABT-100
2. Detecting distance:(outdoor)    20m          30m         40m          60m           80m         100m
(indoor)     60m          90m         120m         180m         240m       300m
Beams: 2 Beams
4. Response speed : 50-700msec adjustable
5. Alarm output: 1C relay contact output ,contact capability DC30V/0.5A MAX
6. Power and voltage:DC12~24V,AC11~18V
7. Operation current: 35mAmax /35mAmax /40mAmax /40mAmax /40mAmax /40mAmax
8. Working temperature: -25~55
9. Exterior dimension: refer to relevant picture
10. Tamper output: 1Bcontact outputDC30V/0.5A MAX
11. Optical axis adjust angle(horizontal): 180° (±90°)
12. Optical axis adjust angle(vertical): 20° (±10°)
13. Weightreceiver:300g, transmitter: 300g

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