Burglar Alarms

Burglar Alarms

Longhornis a pioneer in the manufacturing of burglar alarms in China.
For the burglar alarms, the two main fields are home burglar alarms and industrial burglar and perimeter intrusion detection.

Longhorn is a major manufacturer of burglar alarm,based in China.We offer various types of products such as burglar alarm, fire alarm and so on.Our products are high quality and competitively priced. Our full chain ofmanufacturing burglar alarm control panel, fire alarm detector can be completedin China,even in one city. Our lower manufacturing cost can save your purchasing cost. Amore detailed description of our product is shown on the page.

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Other Products
    1. Dialing Burglar Alarm
    2. Dialing Burglar Alarm Dialing burglar alarm is an ideal choice for security services companies to use in their n etwork a nti - burglar alarm system. It can efficiently protect theintensive area of shops and supermarkets in that they are always the mostpossible places to be steal.  Longhorn is a major manufacturer of dialing burglar alarm, based
    1. Burglar Alarm Control Panel
    2. Burglar Alarm Control Panel Burglar alarm controlpanel is one of the major products in Longhorn. Longhorn is a China burglar alarm control panelmanufacturer and supplier. We offer burglar alarm control panel, and detector,fire alarm control panel. Our high quality products are offered at competitiveprices. Longhorn is located in China,and the