Longhorn is becoming the one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of detectorsin china. We have possessed many advanced technologies in this field. Thefollowing description will be more detailed.

Advanced technologies
Optical Mirror Technology
2.  LensTechnology
3. IntelligentTemperature Compensation
4. White Light Immunity Technology
5. AND/ORTechnology
6. EMI/RFI Technology
7. AST Technology
8. Pet Immunity Technology

Longhornis a Chinadetector manufacturer and supplier. We offer detector, and fire alarm controlpanel, fire alarm detector. Our high quality products are offered atcompetitive prices. Longhorn is located in China,and the full chain of manufacturing dialing burglar alarm, magnetic doordetector can be completed in China,even in one city. Lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. The moredetails of each product are shown on the page with description.


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Other Products
    1. LHD7001
    2. Wireless Burglar AlarmControl Panel, LHD7001 This wireless burglar alarm control panel is designed with16 programmable zones, which can offeryou a combination of security, wireless convenience, easy installation. As a result of its 16 LED display and large events logs, this control panel is suitable for installing in mid-size and small
    1. LHD8001
    2. Wireless Burglar Alarm Control Panel, LHD8001 The wireless burglar alarm control panel is a newly designed control panelproduced by Longhorn. It is characterized by good appearance, friendly operationand stable function. Thus it is ideal for the using in shops, office buildingand home. Features   1. 16 wireless zones and 4wired zones, which