Grinding Disc

Grinding Disc

Diamond Grinding Disc (Diamond Frankfurt, Grinding Disc, Polishing Tools, StoneGrinding Tools, Diamond Grinding Tools, Diamond Tools, Stone Cutting Tools)

The diamond grinding and polishing tools are for removing floor coatingsand grinding uneven surfaces. The diamond grinding disc is fixed on polishing machinery, which isused for grinding concrete, marble and granite, ceramic tilesetc. We have different bonds according to client’s requirements, for example,hard bond for soft concrete, medium bond for medium concrete and soft bond forhard concrete. The mesh sizes range from 16# to 400#. Our premium products areas good as Italian tools.

****Other specificationsare available according to customer's requirements.

As a professional grinding disc manufacturer and supplier in China, SANSOprovides a comprehensive range of diamond tools that includes our multi sawblade, diamond fickert, diamond profile wheel,diamond wire, gang saw, diamond segment, and others.

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    2. Diamond Fickert Diamond Fickert (Metal Fickert,Metal Bond Fickert, Abrasive Tools, Grinding Brick,Diamond Grinding, Polishing Tools, Stone Grinding Tools, Diamond Tools, StoneCutting Tools) Our diamond fickert (metal-bonded fickert)is applicable to various grinding materials, such as marble, granite, concreteand Terrazzo etc. It has advantage of smooth and fast polishing. The diamond fickert provides a strong structure in which the metal baseand diamond segments are combined solidly and not
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    2. Gang Saw/Frame Saw Diamond Segments For Gang Saw (Diamond Segments For Frame Saw, Diamond Tools,Stone Cutting Tools, Gang Saw, Frame Saw) Our frame saw is used forcutting all kinds of marble and other materials (except granite) into wellshaped blocks, providing high efficiency, precise cutting, good plainness ofslabs and small kerf. Our gang saw segments are ofconical shape, made of imported high grade diamond and metal powder, and widelyapplied to many different machines of brands
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