Wireless OutdoorSiren, HC-106F-300

This wireless outdoor siren is acost-effective outdoor sounder, featuring a slim design, waterproof,UV-resistant, anti-corrosive, and low battery consumption.

1. The outdoor siren is designedwith built-in power LED warning lamp.
2. IP54 rated electronics
3. The siren is easyfor user to install.
4. It is single piezo working.
5. Register by fixed code input
6. Up to 3 year Battery lifetime
7. The siren is available with by fixed million encoding working with panel.

1. Case: ABS, UV-resistant
2. Color optional (for led flash): Red, Orange, or Blue optional
3. Dimension: 210L * 130W * 65Hmm
4. Rated voltage:12V DC
5. Backup Battery: 7.2V 500mArechargeable
6. Sounding current:180 mA AT 12V DC
7. Flashing current:120 mA AT 12V DC
8. Sound level: 102+/-3 dB at 1 m
9. Flash: 60 times / MIN
10.Working temperature: -20℃~+60℃
11.Wireless frequency: 315MHz/433MHz/ 868MHz
12.Voltage range: 9V~15V DC
13.Standby current: <30 mA
14.Sounding duration life: 8 hours
15.Flashing duration life: 24 hours
16.Working humidity: <95%

Longhorn is a major manufacturer of wireless outdoorsiren, based in China.We offer various types of products such as wireless outdoor siren, surfacemounting door detector, smoke detector and so on. Ourproducts are high quality and competitively priced. Our full chain ofmanufacturing wireless burglar alarm, passive infrared detector can becompleted in China,even in one city. Our lower manufacturing cost can save your purchasing cost. Amore detailed description of our product is shown on the page.

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