Hot LED Products

HotLED Products

Thanksfor visiting our website! LAMP is a professional LED products manufacturer andsupplier, located in China.We can offer LED curtain and super slim LED display, to accommodate yourdifferent applications. Other products like LED display arealso available at LAMP. If you are interested in our LED products, please feelfree to contact us.

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Other Products
    1. Sharpe 10mm Super Slim LED Display
    2. Sharpe10mm Super Slim LED Display LAMPlaunches a new environmentally friendly display. The super slim LED display is featured by super slim cabinet and is ideal for mostoutdoor and indoor rental applications. Features The super slim LED display is IP65rated, thus meeting the requirements for outdoorenvironments. A 10mm SMD(surface mounted device) enables a bettercolor blending effect for most indoor solutions. Fan less design Highefficient cooling system by cast aluminum
    1. 7.62mm Super Slim LED Display
    2. P7.62 Indoor Super Slim LED Display Specially designed and developed byShenzhen LAMP Technology Co., Ltd., LP SMART7.62 indoor super slim LED display is a new type of product dedicated forrental market. Features Inaddition to the general features of rental series such as light weight andportable, easy and fast installationand disassemble, etc, the indoor super slimLED display has its own unique and creative design to reach the market demand. Light and thin Seamless aluminum
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