Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher

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Jaw crusher is used to crush various rocks with compression resistances. It is used in the laboratory of the metallurgical industry, mining, building materials and chemical industry, etc.

Technical Specifications of the Jaw Crusher
Opening: 100x60mm
2. Max. feeding size: 45mm
3. Discharge opening: 6-10mm
4. Capacity: 230-400kg/hour

5. Rotation speed: 1400 rpm
6. Power: 15.KW

Dimension: 355x330x378mm
Weight: 150kg

As a jaw crusher manufacturer based in China, we also offer 10kn bench triaxial apparatus, hydraulic compression testing machine, full automatic pneumatic consolidation apparatus, elastic modulus testing apparatus, Los Angeles splitter abrasion testing machine, etc.

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