Wall Mounted Detector,
1. This detector isdesigned with MCU processor.
2. 86*86 standard base
3. Independence and network optional
4. The detector is equipped with a highly stable sensor.
5. It is energy-saving.
6. This detector canauto reset after alarm.

Technical Parameters
1. Induced Gas: Natural Gas/ LPG
2. Power Input: AC 220V
3. Buzzer Level: ≥70dB/m
4. Alarm Density: 10% LEL
5. Working Temperature: 0℃ to + 55℃
6. Working Humidity: ≤95% RH
7. Alarm Density Error: ±5% LEL
8. Alarm Mode: Flash & sound alarm /Network Alarm Signal
9. Power consumption: ≤1W
10.Size: 86 * 86* 42mm

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