Ceiling Detector,
1. The detector isdesigned with MCU processor

2. It is ceiling mounted andcan alarm independently or by networking.
3. Direct current 12V
4. The detector canauto reset after alarm.

Technical Specifications
1. Detecting Gas: Town Gas.CO
2. Working voltage:12V DC
3. Standby Current:≤120mA
4. Alarm Current:≤60mA
5. Alarm Density:50~300PPM
6. Buzzer:≥70dB(1m)
7. Operating Condition:-10℃~+55℃; Relative Humidity≤90%RH
8. Stability: Regular Alarm Density Error±80PPM
9. Repeatability: Repeative Alarm Density Error±80PPM
10.Alarm Density Error:±80PPM
11.Alarm Mode: Sound&Flash Alarm/Network Alarm Signal

Longhorn is a China ceiling detector manufacturer andsupplier. We offer ceiling detector, and photoelectric smoke detector, glassbreak detector. Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices.Longhorn is located in China,and the full chain of manufacturing alarm indicator, fire alarm detector can becompleted in China,even in one city. Lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. The moredetails of each product are shown on the page with description.

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Other Products
    1. LH-85
    2. Wall Mounted Detector, LH-85 Features 1. This detector isequipped with MCU processor and high stability sensor. 2. It is wall mounted and can alarm independently. 3. Auto reset after alarm 4. The detector is designed with AC power input. Technical Specifications 1. Induced Gas: Natural Gas / LPG 2. Power Input: AC 220V 50Hz 3. Buzzer Level:
    1. LH-816
    2. Wall Mounted Detector, LH-816 Features 1. The detector is wall mounted and is energy-saving. 2. Autoreset after alarm 3. The detector is designed with MCU processorand highly stable sensor. 4. Independence and network optional Technical Specifications 1. Induced Gas: Natural Gas/ LPG 2. Alarm Current: ≤125MA 3. Static Current: ≤65MA 4. Power