Curtain Detector,
1. Thecurtain detector is designed with the direction analysis technology.
2. LED ON and OFF Optional.
3. Anti tamper switch
4. The detector is equipped with the auto temperaturecompensation and MCU processing technology.
5. The return time is adjustable.
6. This curtain detector adopts SMT and is high EMI or RFI Immunity.

Technical Specifications
1. Operating Voltage: DC 9-16V
2. Supply Current:≤30mA DC 12V
3. Operating Temperature :-10℃ to +50℃
4. Installation Method: wall mounted or ceiling mounted
5. Installation Height: about 2m
6. Direction Identification: alarm while walking along the arrow
7. Detecting Angle: 15°
8. Detecting Distance: 8m
9. Detecting Range: ceiling mounted 6*0.7m(installation height:3.6m)
10.Alarm Output: Normal Close
11.Anti Tamper Switch: Normal Close
12.Size :86.5 *48.5*32mm

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