Dual Technology Detector, LH-913C 

The dual technology detector is ceiling mounted.
2. This detector uses X-Band plane antenna.

3. Doppler Effect and power analysis
4. It can view with 360°.
5. As a result of auto temperature compensation technology,
this detector can reduce false alarm.
The detector is designed with microwave detecting and the distance is adjustable.
7. Dynamic threshold adjustment technology with high interference immunity

8. The detector adopts intelligence technology which candistinguish intruder from interference signal.

Technical Specifications
1. Microwave frequency:10.525G
2.  Operating Voltage: DC 9-16V
3. Supply Current: ≤18mA DC 12V
4. Working Temperature: -10 to 50
5. Installation Method: ceiling mounted
6. Installation Height: about 2.5-6m
7. Detecting range: diameter: 8m (installation height:3.6m)
8. Alarm Output: N.O./N.C.
9. Anti Tamper Switch: Normal Close
Size: φ 135 * 38mm
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