Dual Technology Detector, LH-922BC

This dual technology detector is a new productdesigned by Longhorn. It works with a micro wave and is an infrared dualdetector. Additionally, it is pet immunity.

1. This dual technology detector is pet immunity and the weight canup to 35KG.
2. And/ Or function(MW and PIR optional)
3. The unique wiring makes it easy for installation.
4. Full compliance with CCC and EN-50131-Grade2
5. The detection range is 12m and the detection angle is 110.
6. The detector is high EMI immunity and is efficiently able to meet differentenvironment.
7. The detector adopts automatic temperature compensation technology.

Longhorn is a major manufacturer of dual technology detector, based in China. We offervarious types of products such as dual technology detector, wall mounteddetector, photoelectric smoke detector and so on. Our products are high qualityand competitively priced. Our full chain of manufacturing magnetic doordetector, dialing burglar alarm can be completed in China, even in one city. Our lowermanufacturing cost can save your purchasing cost. A more detailed descriptionof our product is shown on the page.

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