Outdoor Detector, LH-931I

This outdoor detector is waterproofand is ideal for outdoor environment.

1. The outdoor detector adopts microprocessor.
2. It is fully sealed bug immunity and can immune to pet with weight below 20KG.
3. Thisoutdoor detector can collect signals by dual sensor and thus avoid false alarm.
4. Its wide-angle lens and curtain lens is optionalfor different locales.
5. LED ON or OFF optional and pulse countoptional
6.The detector isdesigned with special filter lens with whitelight immunity 10000 Lux.
7. Its temperature auto-compensation can adapt to environmentchange.

Technical Specifications
1. Operating voltage: 9~16V DC
2. Operating current: ≤28mA(12V DC)
3. Detection distance: 12m
4. Detection angle: 110°
5. Warm-up time: 60 sec
6. Pulse count: 1P and 2P optional
7. Mounting mode: wall mounting
8. Mount height: optimal height 2.2m
9. Operating temperature : -10℃~50℃(14℉~122℉)
10.Relay output: N.C./N.O. optional, contact rating 28VDC, 80mA
11.Anti-tamper switch: N.C. without voltage output, contact rating28VDC,100mA
12.Size: 150mm×73mm×48mm

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