Photoelectric Smoke Detector,
1. The smoke detector isceiling mounted.
2. Light Labyrinth
3. The smoke detector is designed with MCU Processor and single sided fiberglass PCB.
4. Network Output
5. It is metal shield with high frequency immunity.
6. Manual Test & Reset Function
7. Thesmoke detector adopts unique structure withdustproof, anti-fly and anti-light design.

Technical Specifications
1. Power Input: DC 12V
2. Static Current: ≤ 8mA
3. Alarm Current: ≤35mA
4. Operating Temperature:-10℃ to +50℃
5. Operating Humidity: 95% RH
6. Alarm Output: N.O./N.C
7. Sensitivity: II or III level
8. Detecting Area: 20 square meter
9. Size: Φ112 * 41mm

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