Dual PIR Detector,
The dual PIR detector is newly designed by Longhorn instreamline. With many other advantages equipped, it is widely use for petimmunity.

1. LED ON orOFF optional and pulse count optional
2. The PIR detector is designed with five-layer opticallens.
3. Autotemperature compensation can efficiently reduce false alarm.
4. The detector is High EMI and RFI interference.
5. The immunity level will over 10000Lux whilelight.

Technical Specifications
1. Pet immunity: ≤25Kg
2. Alarm output: NC/NO optional

Longhorn is a major manufacturer of dual detector,based in China.We offer various types of products such as dual detector, outdoor detector, wireless detector and so on. Our products are high qualityand competitively priced. Our full chain of manufacturing surface mounting doordetector, wireless burglar alarm can be completed in China, even in one city. Our lowermanufacturing cost can save your purchasing cost. A more detailed descriptionof our product is shown on the page.

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