PhotoelectricSmoke Detector,
The smoke detector is characterizedby its wireless transmitting and light labyrinth

1. Thesmoke detector is designed with high densitySMT and is highlystable.
2. Auto reset function
3. The smoke detector adopts special design forbracket and is easy to install.
4. Manual test and retest function
5.Energy-saving and CMOSdesign
6. The smoke detector is equipped with uniquestructure with dustproof, anti-fly and anti-light design.
7. Best adaptability with environment

Technical Specifications
1. Power Input: DC 9V(battery)
2. Static Current: ≤30uA
3. Alarm Current: ≤30mA
4. Operating temperature: -10℃ to +50℃
5. Operating Humidity: ≤95% RH
6. Alarm Output: Radio output
7. Sensitivity: Ⅰ level
8. Detecting Area: 20 Square Meter
9. Emission frequency: 315MHZ or 433MHZ

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