LHD6000-8F (16F)

Dialing BurglarAlarm Control Panel, LHD6000-8F (16F)

The dialing burglar alarmcontrol panel adopts the compatible system of wired and wireless transmits. As aresult, this control panel can alarm messages tousers via telephone and is capable of achieving remote control and dealing withemergencies.

1 The LHD6000-8F has16fully programmable zones, 8 are wireless and 8 wired.
   The LHD6000-16F has 24 fullyprogrammable zones, 8 are wireless and 16 wired.
2. The dialing burglar alarm control panel is flexible in programming for alarm telephone, user password, alarm time delayand ring attempts, etc.
3. Its flexible configuration is suitable for using different detectors,such as fireproof orburglarproof probe and glass breakage inductor, etc.
4. The control panelis anti-tamper and each keypad canextend 2 wired programmable zones.
5. Other techniques involved are MCU control and nixiedisplay indicator.
6. It can use 5 remote controls at most.
7. It can also dial the number of master control to arm or disarm the zones by remotecontrol.
8. Master control can automatically and quickly dial to alarm receiving center oruser’s mobile phone or fixed telephone withvoice.
9. The control panel can record the latest 40 alarmmessages and you canquery at any moment.
10. With itscompatible with ADEMCO contract, you can alarm both by networking and alone.
11. Thecontrol panel is equipped with 3 groups of automatictiming configurationfor arming or disarming
12 Malfunction alarm for low battery voltage, AC power failureand off telephone line.
13. This controlpanel is designed with a built-in clock. 
14. It can also record personal address message by users.

Technical specifications

1. Mainframe dimension:274mm×264mm×86mm
2. Keypad size:155mm×95mm×28mm
3. Rated operation current:220V AC
4. Static operation current:120mA
5. Back-up battery: sealed lead acid accumulator with 12V,7AH
6. Bell output:10.5-13.5VDC/0.5A
7. Operation temperature:―10℃~+50℃
8. Effective distance for remote control:100m with no obstacle

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