Dialing Burglar Alarm Control Panel, LHD6001

The dialing burglar alarm control panel is a cost-effective product newly designed by Longhorn. It can alarm net-work with CCTV and other systems efficiently. As a result of its strong communication ability,the dialing burglar alarm control panel isidealfor installing in stores, banks and other financial system.

1.8 wired programmable zones
2. 6 receive phones include 2 for central station and 4 for phone.
3. The dialing burglar alarm control panel can choose to send information to different alarm receiving centre which can avoid information jams and thus save telephone fee.
4. Communication protocol: ADMECO 4 1 and Contact ID
5. The control panel can be controlled in remote placeby telephone.
6. 1 PGM output
7. Keypad buzzer indication
8. The callback of alarm is selectable.
9. This control panel can record 200 event logs.
10. Anti-tamper control panel and keypad and anti-cut communication line
11.Malfunction alarm for AC power failure, low-voltage battery and off telephone line
12.Emergency keystroke function of keypad
13. PGM programmable output

Technical Parameters for control panel
1. Dimension:274mm×264mm×86mm
2. Operating Voltage:220V
3. Static operating current:70mA
4. Operating temperature:10~+55
5. Response time of the zones:500ms

Technical Parameters for keypad
1. Dimension:150mm×95mm×30mm
2. Operating Voltage:12VDC
3. Static operating current:30mA
4. Operating temperature:10°C~+55°C 

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