Dialing Burglar Alarm Control Panel, LHD6005

This dialing burglar alarm control panel is a newly wiredcontrol panel produced by Longhorn. Its basic structure is one control panelwith one keypad. The control panel operates very reliable and iscost-effective. Its simple operation can offer you a sense of secured you need.

1. The dialing burglar alarm control panel has 4 wired zones and 1 keypad zone.And the 4 wired zones can be added to 8 zones with its zone doubling function.
2. It has 2partitions and can keep 256 event logs.
3. There are 48user codes, 1master codeand 1installation code.
4. 1 PGMoutput
5. Support 2-wired smoke detector
6. This control panel has dual receiving centers.
7. The mastercode islockable. But themaster code or user code 01cannot bechanged or deleted.
8. Supportpager reporting
9. The control panel can close the delinquency timer and deliver a report when last arming isovertime.
10. The switchingpower is 1.1A.
11. 1supervised bell output and 1 supervised auxiliary output
12. This control panel offers an auxiliary telephone line which supports ADEMCO, Contact ID, Pagerand slow reportformats.

1. ACPower: transformer in 16.5VAC
2. Operating voltage:  minimum 20VA (recommendfor use 40VA ), 50-60Hz
3. Battery: 12VDC, 4Ah/7Ah
4. AUX power: 450mAand automaticallyshutdown with non-fuse at 650mA
5. Bell output: 1A (automatically shutdownwith non-fuse at 3A)
6. PGMoutput: Output one PGM transistor with 50MA

Longhorn is amajor manufacturer of dialing burglar alarm, based in China. We offervarious types of products such as dialing burglar alarm, active infrareddetector, andembedded door magnetic detectorand so on. Our products are high quality and competitively priced. Our fullchain of manufacturing passive infrared detector, fire alarm detector can becompleted in China,even in one city. Our lower manufacturing cost can save your purchasing cost. Amore detailed description of our product is shown on the page.

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