Wireless Burglar Alarm Control Panel, LHD7001

Thiswireless burglar alarm control panelis designed with 16 programmable zones, which can offer you a combination of security, wireless convenience, easy installation. As a result of its 16 LED display and large events logs, thiscontrol panel is suitable for installing in mid-size and small commercial or residential.

1.This wireless burglar alarm control panelhas 16 programmable wireless zones and is compatible with wireless detectors.
2.It is available to arm or disarm on the spot by using 5 remote controllers at most.
3. The wireless learning code is easy to operate.
4. 6 alarm telephone numbers include 2 for receiving centre and 4 for private telephones.
5. Option to whether send alarm to receiving centre or not
6. Communication protocol: ADMECO 4 1/Contact ID.
7.This control panel can dial to receiving centre, personal cell phone and fix telephone to alarm.
8. Remote control through telephone
9.Bell output, buzzer indication
10.Bell callback function
11. Three passwords are 1 user code, 1 duress code and 1 operation password.
12. Restore user password and operation password to factory default by wire jumper
13. Restore system parameter to factory default via program setting
14. 250 events logs
15. Self-checking system
16. Bypass direction
17. Anti-tamper function of control panel
18. Malfunction alarms for AC power failure, low-voltage battery and off telephone line  



Technical specification
1. Wireless operation frequency: 315 MHz/433 MHz /868MHz (optional)
2. Received range of the detector: not less than 150m (in open space)
3. Effective range of the remote controller: not less than 100m (in open space)
4.  Power adapter working voltage: 100V 240V AC
5. Operating voltage of the control panel: 12 VDC
6. Static operating current: ≤70mA
7.  Bell output current: ≤400mA
8. Operating temperature: –10 55
9. Dimension: 250*150*45mm

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