Wireless Burglar Alarm Control Panel, LHD8001

The wireless burglar alarm control panel is a newly designed control panel produced by Longhorn. It is characterized by good appearance, friendly operation and stable function. Thus it is ideal for the using in shops, office building and home.

1. 16 wireless zones and 4 wired zones, which is compatible with all kinds of wireless and wired detector.
2.The wireless burglar alarm control panel is designed with LCD display and MCU control. It is easy to operate with the guidance in English.
3. It is equipped with smart program which makes the user can set the parameter freely.
4. Compatible with communication protocol: ADEMCO 4 1 Contact ID
5. The control panel can be used by single or networking alarm system.
6. Automatically and quickly dialing to alarm receiving center, user’s cell phone or fixed telephone with audible alarm
7. 6 alarm receiving phones include 1 for alarm center and 5 for common phones.
8. This control panel has 7 codes. They are 1 user code, 1 duress code and 5 operator codes.
9. Wireless code is restorable and its reading function is simple to use.
10.This control panel is available to arm or disarm on the spot by using 5 wireless remote controllers.
11.It supports several alarm modes like alarm bell and voice alarm, etc.
12.This control panel is equipped with three groups timed auto arm/disarm.
13. It is also equipped with valid protection zone and selectable bypass. And the user can set alarm area as desired.
14.The control panel is available to restore user password to factory defaults by hardware and restore the system factory defaults by software.
15.It can keep 40 latest alarm event logs.
16. Malfunction alarm for AC power failure, low voltage and off telephone line
17.There isa real-time clock embedded in the control panel.
18.The auto-recording function can record the address of the alarm and other information.
19. Programmable relay output
20. Anti-tamper function of the control panel
21. Field monitor function

Technical specification
1. Power adapter working voltage: AC100V 240V

2. Operating voltage of the control panel: 12VDC

3. Static operating current: ≤130mA

4. Bell output current: ≤400mA

5. Dimension: 250×150×45mm

6. Wireless frequency: 315 MHz/433MHz/868MHz

7.Detector receive range: 90m( no obstacle)

8.Remote control valid range: 50m( no obstacle)

9.Record time: 4 second

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