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    1. QMR2-45 Mobile Block Making Machine
    2. QMR2-45 Mobile Block Making Machine The QMR2-45 mobile block making machine adopts molding flask vibration design, which facilitates operation. This newly developed equipment is able to manufacture 1440 PCS every 8 hours without pallets. In this way, your investment in pallets is cut. Features 1. The dimension of our mobile block making machine is 800X600X12000MM. It performs well in
    1. Bullet-Proof Glass for Automobile
    2. Bullet-Proof Glass for Automobile Our bullet-proof glass for automobile is made of top quality glass and special organic material by hot bending and other special technology according to the customer requirements. When the bullet-resistant glass is struck by a high-speed warhead, radial cracks will form in the hit
    1. Silicone Mobile Phone Holder
    2. Silicone Mobile Phone Holder The adorable silicone mobile phone holder comes with a big month where the phone is placed. Different shapes, sizes, logos, colors and package colors are available according to your requirements. Our products are made of silicone material that has been certified by ROHS and FDA. The silicone phone holder is soft, waterproof, and
    1. Silicone Mobile Phone Case
    2. Silicone Mobile Phone Case The material we adopted has been tested by SGS according to the ROHS standard. It is totally safe and environmentally friendly. In addition to our existing products, we can produce silicone mobile phone case in different colors, shapes and sizes according to your requirements. 1. The silicone
    1. Automobile Chassis Roll Forming Machine
    2. Automobile Chassis Roll Forming Machine The automobile chassis is made of 16Mn steel, and its maximum thickness is 8mm. Hence, only high quality equipment would be competent for the production process. Considering this, our automobile chassis roll forming machine is especially designed, and it is highly recommended to customers. Our product adopts an independent bracket-type frame, and a
    1. Conveyor Chain for Automobile Industry
    2. Conveyor Chain for Automobile Industry The conveyor chain shown on this page is mainly used on automobile production lines. It functions to assist auto parts conveying, as well as the welding, painting, and assembly of complete sets of vehicles. As this range of roller chain has a wide range of applications, we can make the product to suit individual application demands. The product comes
    1. Mobile Generator Set
    2. Mobile Generator Set On the basis of many overseas mobile gensets, we have specially designed the mobile generator set which is characterized by high mobility, safety braking, attractive appearance, low center of gravity, etc. The power generation equipment is available with many types, for instance, pushing-type, third-wheel type, four-wheel type, etc. Features 1. The trailer frame of
    1. Mobile Nitrogen Charging Unit
    2. Mobile Nitrogen Charging Unit Model Explanation MNC - 25 - P 1 2 3 1. Product code: MNC means mobile nitrogen charging unit 2. Pressure grade: 25Mpa, 35Mpa, 42Mpa 3. Reversing method: Pilot operated hydraulic control Brief Introduction As indicated by its name, the mobile nitrogen charging unit is especially designed to fill nitrogen gas into bladder accumulator,
    1. Mobile AAC Block Cutting Machine
    2. Mobile AAC Block Cutting Machine Working Principle The mobile AAC block cutting machine is indispensable for AAC block production, and its working principle is as follows. The mould reversing machine realizes aerial tumbling of mould for 90°, and thendemoulding operation is carried out. After that, the semi-finished block and side plates are placed on the cutting table. Then, driven by a
    1. Solar Mobile Phone Chargers
    2. Solar Mobile Phone Chargers The solar mobile phone chargers charge mobile phone batteries by the solar panels. They may substitute for common mobile phone chargers. You can also power the chargers by USB cables. Chargers on the market adopt all sorts of solar panels, including the thin film panel whose efficiency is as low as 10% or less, the monocrystalline panel with the high
    1. Mobile Radio
    2. Mobile Radio PX-6100 mobile radio has 128 memory channels. Every channel can be named by at most 6 characters. The product is capable of setting frequencies and other parameters. CTCSS and DCS function can be applied to shield irrevelant calls from other radio stations. The intercom is characterized by fancy structure, easy and speedy operation, high audio output power, powerful functions and
    1. Trunking Mobile Two Way Radio
    2. Trunking Mobile Two Way Radio P5100 trunking mobile two way radio conform to GA176-1998 police automatic network scheme-one of mobile communications for public security and MPT1327 trunking system. It is also in accordance with America military standard MIL-810-C/D/E/F. The protection grade is IP54. Sturdy and durable structure makes the product suitable for harsh working conditions. The
    1. Mobile Pallet Racking
    2. Mobile Pallet Racking Our mobile pallet racking is designed with only one access aisle, thus providing extremely high rate of space utilization. It is safe and reliable, which can be conveniently moved under the electric control. The bottom of each column of racking is equipped with a motor driving device. Moreover, a control device and an operation switch are utilized for manipulating this
    1. Outdoor Advertising LED Mobile Screen
    2. Outdoor Advertising LED Mobile Screen LED Mobile TV Screen The outdoor advertising LED mobile screen is the latest LED display product independently developed by our company. This ultra-thin product features advanced design, energy conservation and environmental protection. Its thickness is only 15cm and the inside wiring is well-organized. There are separate power and signal line
    1. LED Mobile Advertising Vehicle
    2. LED Mobile Advertising Vehicle Product Description The YES-V2 LED mobile advertising vehicle is developed based on the concept of convenience and energy conservation. It uses the chassis of a pickup. The upper body with LED screen can be separated from the pickup at any time. Technical Parameters Model YES-V2 Chassis Brand
    1. Mobile Phone Batteries
    2. Mobile Phone Batteries Available in various models, our batteries can accommodate most mobile phones in today's market. Our company also continually introduces new battery models to the market, which can supply power to newly-developed mobile phones. If you do not find the product you need here, please consult with us. Our mobile phone battery is assembled with high quality cell and
    1. Mobile Marine Loading Arm
    2. Mobile Marine Loading Arm We have designed and produced this mobile marine loading arm based on the using environment and customers' special requirements. The following is the application image and product detail. February 12, 2011 Lagos, Nigeria The mobile marine loading arm is composed of two parts: the outer arm connected to the ship and the inner arm
    1. Mobile Phone Box
    2. Mobile Phone Box The production of mobile phone boxes sold on the current market slowly shifts to the manufacturing of notched rigid boxes. The state of the art box features a 90 degree design, which looks gorgeous and attractive. It often requires large batch production so as to catch up with the tight production schedule and fulfill the increasing market demand. For this reason, our
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