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Other Products



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Koller is a China-based ice machinemanufacturer. Our products include ice cube machine, ice block machine, directevaporation ice block making machine, plate ice machine, ice crusher machine,and other products such as generator, RO water treatment and screw conveyor.

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Other Products
    1. Ice Crusher Machine
    2.  Ice Crusher Machine The ice crusher machine is a mini-type machine; it is used to crush the block ice, easy to operate, matched with special ice cramp to harvest ice blocks, and equipped with a protection plate to keep the ice from rebounding. The ice rake is stainless steel 304, effective anti-corrosion, and has a working life beyond 10 years. The feeder mouth size is designed according to the ice block size. We can design the ice rake according to your
    1. Cold Room(Walk in Freezer)
    2.  Cold Room(Walk in Freezer) Cold Room(Walk in Freezer) Surface and Material PU color bond painted steel or PU stainlesssteel 304 with insulation panel. Features 1. The Koller VCR Series Cold Room(Walk in Freezer) hasdifferent capacities and can admit 3 tons to 100 tons for different foods, suchas meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs, ice, etc. The cold room(Walk in Freezer) sizecan be designed according to our customer's needs. 2. Itoffers an ingenious
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