Wireless Burglar Alarm

Wireless Burglar Alarm


Wireless burglar alarm is suitable for using in theprotection of the villa in that villa is more convenient in control with itslarge area but scarce population.

Longhorn is a major manufacturer of wireless burglar alarm,based in China.We offer various types of products such as wireless burglar alarm, EPIRdetector, fire alarm control panel and so on. Our products are high quality andcompetitively priced. Our full chain of manufacturing embedded magnetic doordetector and electronic siren can be completed in China, even in one city. Our lowermanufacturing cost can save your purchasing cost. A more detailed descriptionof our product is shown on the page.

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    1. LHD6000-8F (16F)
    2. Dialing BurglarAlarm Control Panel, LHD6000-8F (16F) The dialing burglar alarmcontrol panel adopts the compatible system of wired and wireless transmits. As aresult, this control panel can alarm messages tousers via telephone and is capable of achieving remote control and dealing withemergencies. Features 1 The LHD6000-8F has16fully programmable
    1. LHD6005
    2. Dialing Burglar Alarm Control Panel, LHD6005 This dialing burglar alarm control panel is a newly wiredcontrol panel produced by Longhorn. Its basic structure is one control panelwith one keypad. The control panel operates very reliable and iscost-effective. Its simple operation can offer you a sense of secured you need. Features 1. The dialing