1. High Voltage Generator Sets
    2. High Voltage Generator Sets
    3. High Voltage Generator Sets The high voltage generator sets are one of our key products. This power generation system adopts Chinese famous engines such as Hechai Duetz engine and Cummins engine, etc. Diesel generator is supplied by Siemens, etc. The control system falls into Chinese and foreign options. Main components in control cabinet ...
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    1. Control Cabinet
    2. Control Cabinet
    3. Control Cabinet Advantages 1. Our control cabinet is able to display alternating voltage, current, frequency and power, etc. This merging unit control cabinet is capable of respectively implementing system start/shutdown, automatic/manual switch, alarm reset and automatic simultaneous switch adjustment, etc. 2. This automatic merging system ...
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    1. Power Take-Off (PTO)
    2. Power Take-Off (PTO)
    3. Power Take-Off (PTO) Our power take-off (PTO) is the main power output device equipped in ships. This power transfer system ensures that everything in ships is powered. Our engine PTO is renowned for low input and high output. This power take-off is applicable for mining, fir fighting, oil extraction, automotive, ship, diesel engine, ...
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    1. Generator Set with Comprehensive Waste Heat Recovery
    2. Generator Set with Comprehensive Waste Heat Recovery
    3. Generator Set with Comprehensive Waste Heat Recovery The generator set with comprehensive waste heat recovery emerges as the multi-functional genset. This heating equipment collects waste heat from cylinder liner, exhaust and exhaust manifold, and delivers thermal energy via heating supply system. With the commitment to complete recovery and ...
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    1. Generator Set with Jacket Water Waste Heat Recovery
    2. Generator Set with Jacket Water Waste Heat Recovery
    3. Generator Set with Jacket Water Waste Heat Recovery The generator set with jacket water waste heat recovery is ruggedly designed to collect waste heat from engine cooling liquid. The control cabinet in control system of this waste heat collecting equipment is connected with engine, solenoid valve and motor. The control cabinet comprises of ...
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    1. Yuchai Engines
    2. Yuchai Engines
    3. Yuchai Engines YC4D YC4F YC6A YC6B YC6G YC6K YC6M YC6MJ YC6MK YC6T The Yuchai engines are the key components to our power generator sets. The rated power of our turbocharged engine is ranged as 40 kW-320 kW. This water-cooled engine is highly characterized by latest emission technology and has been extensively applied as automotive ...
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    1. Weichai Diesel Generator Sets
    2. Weichai Diesel Generator Sets
    3. Weichai Diesel Generator Sets The Weichai diesel generator sets have been extensively applied to industries of national defense, communication, petrol, healthcare, mining, field rescue, husbandry and backup power, etc. This standby diesel generating set is supplied with 50HZ, 1500RPM and 60HZ, 1800r/min. The prime power is ranged from 50 kW to ...
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    1. ATS Cabinet
    2. ATS Cabinet
    3. ATS Cabinet Our ATS (automatic transfer switch) cabinet is ruggedly designed for single diesel generator set automation and monitoring system. This intelligent switch cabinet is the perfect blend of digitization, intellectualization and network technologies. With the aid of our automatic monitoring system, your generator sets are allowed ...
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    1. Dual Fuel Generator Sets
    2. Dual Fuel Generator Sets
    3. Dual Fuel Generator Sets Our dual fuel generator sets are fitted with double fuel supply systems which are diesel system and natural gas system. This bi-fuel generator set has two working status, the diesel type and gas type. These two working methods are allowed to be interchanged in a smooth manner for continuous power supply. Additionally, ...
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    1. Cummins Gas Generator Sets
    2. Cummins Gas Generator Sets
    3. Cummins Gas Generator Sets The Cummins gas generator sets are fabricated on the basis of Cummins engine. Cummins power products are backed by over 80 years of industrial experience and more than 50 years of know-how expertise in environment friendly power generation solutions. We made few modifications to fit the needs gas consumption. Our ...
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    1. Accessories
    2. Accessories
    3. Accessories Our accessories are fabricated with top-ranking materials to meet highest levels of quality standards. These engine ancillary devices are applicable for Cummins engines, automotive engines, passenger vehicle engines, engineering machinery engineers, agricultural machinery engines, ship engines and generator set engines, etc. Our ...
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    1. Diesel Driven Pump Unit
    2. Diesel Driven Pump Unit
    3. Diesel Driven Pump Unit YPPT diesel driven pump unit is the perfect blend of mechanical and electrical integration. This diesel powered water pump is highly characterized by fast startup and water supply. Our intelligent pump unit remains stable connection with diesel engine with flexible coupling. Optimized structure and cavitation ...
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    1. Cummins Engines
    2. Cummins Engines
    3. Cummins Engines Our Cummins engines are backed by superior components fabricated by Cummins including supercharger, filter, fuel system and electrical control system, etc. As a result, our low displacement power product features stable performance and low emission. Cummins is one of the largest manufacturers of generator set engine in the ...
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    1. Cummins Marine Generator Sets
    2. Cummins Marine Generator Sets
    3. Cummins Marine Generator Sets YPPT manufactures a complete range of Cummins marine generator sets available in 50HZ, 1500RPM and 60HZ, 1800r/min. These commercial fishing boat gesnet offers diverse power varying from 30 kW-800 kW (50HZ) to 50 kW-900 kW (60HZ). Advantages 1. Our marine power generation system is powered by Cummins engine. ...
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    1. Yuchai Diesel Generator Sets
    2. Yuchai Diesel Generator Sets
    3. Yuchai Diesel Generator Sets The Yuchai diesel generator sets adopt environment friendly Yuchai engine. This power generating system is available in 50HZ, 1500RPM and 60HZ, 1800r/min. Prime power is ranged from 20 kW to 728 kW. We introduce excellent diesel generator from Stamford, Faraday and Engga to ensure that our self-contained standby ...
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    1. Weichai Marine Generator Sets
    2. Weichai Marine Generator Sets
    3. Weichai Marine Generator Sets Our Weichai marine generator sets is powered by Weichai WP4 and WP6 diesel engines, and is compatible with generators from Stamford, Marathon, LEC and Siemens, etc. The power that our marine genset offers is ranged from 30 kW to 350 kW. Certificates of CCS, ZY, BV and RS are available. Advantages 1. Our diesel ...
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    1. Gas Engines
    2. Gas Engines
    3. Gas Engines YPPT gas engines are using natural gases as fuel such as methane, petroleum gas, liquefied gas, LFG and associated gas, etc. This methane engine realizes more complete fuel consumption and environment friendly emission. The output power of our petroleum gas engine is ranged from 30 kW to 660 kW, etc. Advantages 1. Our gas engines ...
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    1. Explosion Proof Diesel Engines
    2. Explosion Proof Diesel Engines
    3. Explosion Proof Diesel Engines Our explosion proof diesel engines are available as 15 kW, 25 kW, 60 kW, 80 kW, 120 kW, 170 kW, 220 kW and 375 kW series environment friendly engines. Our large power diesel engine offers 170 kW to 375 kW power and is applicable for 40t to 80t mining equipment carrier and heavy-duty explosion proof oil pump ...
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    1. SDEC Diesel Generator Sets
    2. SDEC Diesel Generator Sets
    3. SDEC Diesel Generator Sets The SDEC diesel generator sets implies that this power generating machinery involves the utilization of excellent diesel engine supplied by SDEC, Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. This commercial diesel generator is available in 50HZ, 1500RPM and 60HZ, 1800r/min. The prime power is varied from 120 kW to 400 kW. Our ...
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    1. Dalian Deutz Diesel Generator Sets
    2. Dalian Deutz Diesel Generator Sets
    3. Dalian Deutz Diesel Generator Sets Our Dalian Deutz diesel generator sets are fabricated in absolute conformation with Deutz technology from Germany. Deutz is the first fabricator of internal combustion engine, and is one of the world leading diesel engine manufacturers. In turn, our mobile diesel generator is credited with dependable ...
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    1. Generator Set Monitoring System
    2. Generator Set Monitoring System
    3. Generator Set Monitoring System Our generator set monitoring system is specially engineered on the basis of high and low voltage power distribution system. This remote control system is amazingly characterized by comprehensive functions and protections, as well as user friendly interface and retrofit capability. Functions of Generator Set ...
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    1. Cummins Diesel Generator Sets
    2. Cummins Diesel Generator Sets
    3. Cummins Diesel Generator Sets Our Cummins diesel generator sets are available in 50HZ, 1500RPM and 60HZ, 1800r/min. Normal power of the generating system is varied from 20 kW to 1100 kW. Alternator is supplied by internationally renowned providers such as Faraday, Engga and Stamford, etc. We adopt Cummins engine, for superior stability and ...
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    1. Yuchai Marine Generator Sets
    2. Yuchai Marine Generator Sets
    3. Yuchai Marine Generator Sets The Yuchai marine generator sets involve the utilization of Yuchai engines which are engineered in accordance with German technologies. This small ship generator offers 50HZ, 1500RPM and 60HZ, 1800r/min. The power is ranged 30 kW-300 kW (50HZ) and 50 kW-350 kW (60HZ). This power generation solution is ideal for ...
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    1. ASYQD-E Series Rotogravure Printing Machine
    2. ASYQD-E Series Rotogravure Printing Machine
    3. ASYQD-E Series Rotogravure Printing Machine Generally, the ASYQD-E series rotogravure printing machine is supplied in color of blue gray for exquisite appearance. However, this printing equipment allows to be tailored to fit your requirements on color and configurations. This rotogravure printing machine is the tool of choice for 6-color ...
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    1. ASY-D Series Rotogravure Printing Machine
    2. ASY-D Series Rotogravure Printing Machine
    3. ASY-D Series Rotogravure Printing Machine The ASY-D series rotogravure printing machine emerges as the 6-color printing machine with impressive price/performance ratio. This continuous printing system exceeds your expectation on printing aluminum foil and thin leather, etc. Main components in this series of rotogravure printing machine are ...
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