ERW Tube Mill

The tube mill is the best choice for the production of welded steel pipe like API (American Petroleum Institute) pipe, OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) pipe, exhaust pipes for vehicles, strucutral pipes and more.

Our tube mill is capable of producing round, square, rectangular, and any irregularly shaped parts. All you have to do is feed the predefined steel coils and the forming rollers will automatically form it into the predesigned shape. They are then welded through ERW (electric resistance welding) or high frequency welding. Pipe forming is a continuous step and it can be cut to your preset length. The finished pipes or tubes will then be stacked, taped, and transported to the next procedure, such as bending, welding, recutting, etc.

Available Tube Range:
Min. thickness (mm)0.500.500.50
Max. thickness (mm)2012.720
Min. diameter (mm)88×810×8
Max. diameter (mm)720500×500600×400

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