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Slitting Line
Slitting Line

Slitting Line

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The slitting line is a kind of state-of-the-art metalworking machinery commonly used for cutting of industrial materials, raw materials and other substances. It is also known as PVC slitter and multi-blade slitter, just to name a few. This slitting line consists of four main parts: an uncoiler, a material positioning system, a slitter and a recoiler.

Advantages of the Slitting Line
1. Reasonable layout for easy operation
2. A high level of automation for maximum production efficiency
3. This high-precision metal slitting machine is built to produce cold-rolled or hot-rolled sheets, silicon steel plates, stainless steel plates, color-coated plates, aluminum sheets, and a variety of electrolytically-plated or coated metal sheets.

1. Making marks on paper is required in the second startup for easy cutting and positioning of materials.
2. Static electricity can be generated when the materials are being slit. Please don’t come into contact with blades when the machine is running. This will help to protect your hands from damage.
3. Completely shut down your equipment when you stop using it.

Technical Parameters of the Slitting Line

Customization Service Available
Cutting Method Slitting
Type Cold bending machine
Uses Slitting the metal sheets
Motor Power 7.5kW
Weight 8 tons
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