2-Roll Plate Bending Machine
2-Roll Plate Bending Machine
2-Roll Plate Bending Machine
2-Roll Plate Bending Machine
2-Roll Plate Bending Machine

2-Roll Plate Bending Machine

2 Rolls Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine, 2 Roll Plate Rolling Machine, Plate Bending Equipment, Metal Rolling Machinery

As a new type of rolling machines, 2 roll plate bending machine is equipped with 2 rollers, one is made from steel and the other one is comprised of a steel core covered by an elastic layer (rubber roll). The plate is arranged between the 2 rolls with an adjustable distance. With the processes of contacting - pressing - rubber roll deforming, the plate is deformed partially thus driving both the 2 rolls to rotate. Then a continuous rolling and forming process will be realized. This roll bending machine is of high production efficiency and lightweight structure, and is able to form the plates into one piece. The plates it processes are highly valued for high geometric accuracy and smooth plate surface. The adoption of PLC (programmable logic controller) for the sheet metal bending equipment allows for an easy operation and numerical control.

Features of standard plate bending machines
• Its rubber rollers are of 3-year warranty
• Digital display is adopted for the bending machine
• Heavy duty steel welded frame with no stress
• All of the operations are controlled by an independent control console
• Hydraulic drop end is employed for the convenience of removing cylinder
• Automatic leveling rubber rolls system
• Automatic discharging device

Features of optional equipment
• Automatic production line
• Acid-proof rubber rolls are utilized
• Automatic material feeding table
• Portable keyboard
• Oil cooling system

Applications of 2-roll hydraulic plate bending machine
This plate bending machine is applicable in submersible pump, stainless steel body cover, silencer, exhaust pipe, catalytic converters, small water heater, chimney flues, small LPG, CNG & cylinders, fire extinguishers, etc.

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