Flying Cold Saw
Flying Cold Saw
Flying Cold Saw
Flying Cold Saw
Flying Cold Saw
Flying Cold Saw
Flying Cold Saw
Flying Cold Saw
Flying Cold Saw
Flying Cold Saw

Flying Cold Saw

Our flying cold saw features a high accuracy of within ±1.0mm and disregarding processing objects made of either carbon steel or stainless steel. The finished pipe ends are smooth with no burrs. We offer the following two flying cold saw types:

Flying Cut off Orbital Flying Cut-off
Tube Diameter6 – 168 mmTube Diameter60 - 660 mm
Wall Thickness0.3 - 6 mmWall Thickness2.5 - 22 mm
Working speed60 - 120 m./minMax Working speed30- 50 m./min

Users can determine from the parameter table that using a regular flying cut off is better for pipe cutting in smaller diameters, and we highly recommend an orbital flying cut off for processing pipes with larger diameters.

Flying Cold Saw Cutting
  • Fully automatic operation (Servo motor: Siemens/Yaskawa).
  • LCD touchscreen.
  • High speed and high precision cutting.
  • Excellent cutting edge, no burrs.
Design Drawing
Model List
ModelPipe O.D. (mm)Thickness (mm)Max. speed (m/min)

Orbital Flying Cut Off

The orbital flying saw is mainly used for thick steel pipes with large diameters, and is applicable to different shapes and materials, such as round pipes, square pipes, profile pipes and more. Applicable materials include cold forming steel, Q235-345, J55, X42-80, N80 and more.

This orbital flying saw machine is automatically controlled (manual functions are available) and uses double milling cutter rotary cold cutting technology. The final cut is smooth and burr free, eliminating secondary deburring processes and saving money and labor.

Sophisticated mechanical equipment is equipped with an advanced Siemens control system to ensure the cutting accuracy and superior cutting effects, stable operation and low failure rate.

  • Double-blades cutting
    The double blades are controlled via an R-θ control mode, so that the blade cuts by the pipe contour. The price of two small blades is only half that of a single conventional blade.
  • TCT saw blades
    This equipment uses TCT (tungsten carbide-tipped) saw blades with a higher strength and stiffness. It has a wider application range for cutting pipes with inner ribs and welded high strength pipes. TCT saw blades feature a service life that is twice that of normal blades
  • Inline cutoff, best quality with stable working performance and high efficiency.
  • We provide the best steel tube and pipe cutting solution for worldwide customers according to specific requirements for pipe diameter, wall thickness and line speed with a basic configuration for the servo motor and software.

    Model List
    ModelPipe O.D. (mm)Thickness (mm)Length (m)Length Tolerance (mm)Cutting Speed (m/min)

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