Roll paper die cutting machine <span>ZDM-1</span>

Roll paper die cutting machine ZDM-1

Our computerized micro-gap flat creasing and die cutting machine ZDM-1 is designed with human-computer interface, which offers convenient machine operation. Equipped with servo motor driving and positioning system, AC frequency converter, auto-counting device, manual (pneumatic)lock plate, photoelectric error-correction device, electromagnetic clutch, centralized lubrication system, over-load protection device and uniquely-designed rotational mechanism, our die cutting machine features smooth paper feeding and unwinding, and accurate positioning, etc.

The key components and control system of our computerized micro-gap flat creasing and die cutting machines are acquired from other countries. Their precise configuration guarantees sable machinery operating pressure, precise positioning, stable operation and high safety standard.

Technical Parameters of ZDM-1 Automatic Roll Paper Creasing and Die-cutting Machine :
Model: DB2-900
Die-cutting precision: -0.10mm
Rated die-cutting speed:60-100times/min
Highest die-cutting speed: 110 times/min; 5,400times/hour
Highest die-cutting pressure: 120T(250N/cm2)
Max. suitable paper size: 900 x 530mm
Min. suitable paper size: 490 x 400mm
Paper specification: 130~500g/m2
Motor power (total): 11kw
Main motor power: 7.5kw
Overall dimension: 4,000 x 1,700 x 1,700 mm
Machine weight: 6,000kg
Optimum environment: ventilating and dry conditions, 10-25℃

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