HM180 Solar Water Heater
HM180 Solar Water Heater

HM180 Solar Water Heater

HM003 solar water heater is designed with three high vacuum tube by adopting patented technology of interference coating film. So it features high absorption and great heat-collection. Due to application to superior quality of raw materials, high quality of solar water heater is ensured. First, both inner tank and water tank is made of 0.5-millimeter-thick steel. Inner tank uses SUS304 stainless steel while water tank uses powder coated galvanized steel plate. Second, as a key component, vacuum tube of solar water heater is manufactured with Model 3.3 borosilicate glass. Third, the frame of solar water heater is devised with powder coated galvanized steel plate, 2.0mm in thickness. Last but not least, insulated function is perfectly achieved because of application of polyurethane foaming.

Component Himin Product Hidden Dangers of Other Product
Electric heating bar Made of Incoloy 800, the heating bar has excellent corrosion resistance against any kinds of water. For longer lifespan, the heating bar is processed with advanced technology, supporting 72-hour heating without water. Heating bar electric leakage, electrochemical corrosion, and cavitation.
Inner tank Taking SUS304 stainless steel containing nickel and chrome as the raw material, the thickness of the inner tank is from 0.5mm to 0.6mm. To obtain superior product quality, the inner tank has been comprehensively tested, including material weldability test, pressure test, salt spray test, etc. In addition, the entire inner tank will be inspected for outstanding leakproofness. Corrosion
HM 180 Solar Water Heater
Product Model Outline Dimension(mm) Angle(°) Absorbing Area(m2) Vacuum Tube Water Tank Capacity(L) Weight(kg) Loading Capacity(set)
Length(mm) Quantity 20'GP 40'GP 40'HP
QBJ1-120/1.55/0-B21° 1116×2010×1082 21 1.55 1800 12 120 220 30 70 88
QBJ1-140/1.82/0-B21° 1276×2010×1082 1.82 14 140 255 30 63 76
QBJ1-160/2.09/0-B21° 1436×2010×1082 2.09 16 160 290 27 57 72
QBJ1-180/2.36/0-B21° 1596×2010×1082 2.36 18 180 320 21 48 60
QBJ1-200/2.62/0-B21° 1756×2010×1082 2.62 20 200 350 21 45 58
QBJ1-240/3.16/0-B21° 2076×2010×1082 3.16 24 240 420 18 39 48
QBJ1-280/3.68/0-B21° 2396×2010×1082 3.68 28 280 490 15 30 40  
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