Floater Tank Solar Water Heater
Floater Tank Solar Water Heater
Floater Tank Solar Water Heater
Floater Tank Solar Water Heater
Floater Tank Solar Water Heater
Floater Tank Solar Water Heater
Floater Tank Solar Water Heater

Floater Tank Solar Water Heater

Due to application to three high vacuum tube and patented technology of interference coating film, HM 21° Solar Water Heater is very popular by properties of high absorption and great heat-collection. Its inner tank and water tank are made of 0.5-millimeter-thick steel. To illustrate in detail, Inner tank adopts SUS304 stainless steel while water tank adopts plastic coated galvanized steel plate. Meanwhile, vacuum tube is made of Model 3.3 borosilicate glass. In addition, the frame of solar water heater is manufactured by 2.0-millimeter-thick plastic coated galvanized steel plate. Moreover, solar water heater chooses polyurethane foaming as its insulation material.

Component Himin Product Hidden Danger of Other Product
Electric heating bar The heating bar is made of Incoloy 800. The excellent corrosion resistance makes it possible for the application of various kinds of water. Processed with advanced technology, our product supports 72-hour heating without water, and its lifespan is longer than the existing products in the market. Heating bar electric leakage, electrochemical corrosion, and cavitation.
Inner tank The inner tank employs SUS304 stainless steel containing nickel and chrome as the raw material. The thickness of the inner tank is from 0.5mm to 0.6mm. For superior product quality, comprehensive test has been conducted, including material weldability test, pressure test, salt spray test, etc. Further more, the entire inner tank will be examined for outstanding leakproofness. Corrosion

1. The floater tank solar water heater is suitable for the installation on the roof in different angles.
2. Installed with floater tank, the solar water heating system can be filled by the tap water, or water from other tanks directly, making sure the tank is fully filled. So users can enjoy the hot water at any time.

1. Air outlet
2. Water inlet
3. Water outlet
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Product Model Outline Dimension(mm) Angle(°) Absorbing Area(m2) Vacuum Tube Water Tank Capacity(L) Weight(kg)
Length(mm) Diameter(mm) Quantity
Q-B-J-1-125/1.47/0.05-1 1105×1621×1870 38 1.47 1800 58 12 125 205
Q-B-J-1-145/1.72/0.05-1 1255×1621×1870 1.72 14 145 235
Q-B-J-1-165/1.97/0.05-1 1405×1621×1870 1.97 16 165 265
Q-B-J-1-185/2.22/0.05-1 1555×1621×1870 2.22 18 185 295
Q-B-J-1-205/2.48/0.05-1 1705×1621×1870 2.48 20 205 335
Q-B-J-1-245/2.98/0.05-1 2005×1621×1870 2.98 24 245 390
Q-B-J-1-285/3.48/0.05-1 2305×1621×1870 3.48 28 285 450  

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