Split Solar Water Heating System HFT-200L/HFT-300L
Split Solar Water Heating System HFT-200L/HFT-300L

Split Solar Water Heating System HFT-200L/HFT-300L

Working principle of Split Solar Water Heating System:
This split solar water heating system has solar collectors on roof and water tanks inside the house, and transfers heat energy collected by the collectors into the tank by natural or forced circulation of the working fluid between collector and the tank.

The system comprises of solar collectors, a water tank, a heat exchanger, a controller and pumps.

Functions of Split Solar Water Heating System:
1. Constant temperature circulation: adopt the auto circulation system to realize constant temperature of the water inside the solar system; Ex-factory default is to ensure the constant temperature of water inside the system and pipelines.
2. Overheat protection: It includes protection of solar collector and electric booster. The former will be operated by the controller automatically to ensure the safety of the solar collector and the solar heat storage system; the later will be controlled by the temperature sensor automatically, to make sure the electric booster work in a safe condition. Take manual operation to resume to the working station.
3. Pressure limitation: It functions by automatically sensing the pressure and temperature of the parts, so as to ensure the normal operation of the system.
4. Anti-freezing: It is realized through the circulation of the working fluid to make sure the safety of the operation at the limited temperature.

Features of Split Solar Water Heating System:
1. The solar collector is separated with the water tank, the water tank can be located anywhere;
2. Solar collector can be mounted on buildings in different styles;
3. U pipe solar collector with anti-freezing fluid inside the tubes will achieve high anti-freezing effect;
4. Intelligent control system is reliable and convenient;
5. Pressurized operation will guarantee sufficient water flow;
6. Solar water heating system can be connected with auxiliary heating source at the preset joint.

Application of Split Solar Water Heating System:
This split solar water heating system is a desirable domestic hot water system.

Split Pressurized Hot Water System Parameters Table
Specifications National Standard No. Water Tank Capacity Water Tank Size Heat Exchange Area m2 Collector Specification Quantity Collector Dimension
for 1 pcs
Aperture Area
Inner Outer
HTI-II-200-00 QJF2-200/2.9/0.7-2D Φ416 Φ520 200L Φ520x1780 0.52 HUJ20/2.1 1 PCS 2235×
HTI-II-300-00 QJF2-300/4.4/0.7-2D Φ500 Φ600 300L Φ600x1760 0.70 HUJ15/2.1 2 PCS 2235×
HTI-II-400-00 QJF2-400/5.8/0.7-2D Φ655 Φ780 400L Φ780x1500 1.30 HUJ20/2.1 2 PCS 2235×
HTI-II-500-00 QJF2-500/7.4/0.7-2D Φ655 Φ780 500L Φ780x1800 1.70 HUJ17/2.1 3 PCS 2235×
HTI-II-600-00 QJF2-600/8.7/0.7-2D Φ655 Φ780 600L Φ780x2100 2.10 HUJ20/2.1 3 PCS 2235×
HTI-II-1000-00 QJF2-1000/14.5/0.7-2D Φ856 Φ1000 1000L Φ1000x2100 2.6 HUJ20/2.1 5 PCS 2235×

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