Solar Powered Boiler
Solar Powered Boiler
Solar Powered Boiler
Solar Powered Boiler
Solar Powered Boiler
Solar Powered Boiler
Solar Powered Boiler
Solar Powered Boiler
Solar Powered Boiler

Solar Powered Boiler

The solar powered boiler is composed of solar collecting system, pipeline system, water storage system, control system, etc. The solar water heating system is available in both open circuit and closed circuit heat collecting system.

  • Schematic diagram for open circuit 1
  • Schematic diagram for closed circuit 2

  • 1. Heat collecting system
    2. Water storage system
    3. Control system

Heat Collecting System
1. The heat collecting system for the renewable energy system has outstanding heat conduction performance, resulting in rapid heat transfer and high water temperature.
2. The patented interference type coating technology helps the solar powered boiler achieve high solar absorptivity, low emissivity, high degree of vacuum and optimal heat preservation performance.
3. Our company utilizes professional industrial technology, as well as the modernized mould production line for the manufacturing of the solar collection system.
4. Designed with integral bracket, the heat collecting system has optimal structural strength and high degree of standardization.
5. The mature hot dip galvanizing technology ensures excellent corrosion resistance and long lifespan.

Closed-circuit System
The closed-circuit system is applied on the heat pipe solar collector, U tube solar collector, and flat plate collector.

Dedicated Water Tank
This water tank is specially developed for solar powered boiler. It is the first water tank for the projects in the industry.

Housing: the housing of the water tank is made of glass fiber reinforced plastics and stainless steel. Apart from the nice appearance, the water tank for the solar heating system has good strength and anti-aging property.
Insulating layer: 80mm high quality PU
Linear: food grade stainless steel panel with long lifespan and good corrosion resistance.

Assembled HDG Water Tank
The assembled HDG water tank for the solar powered boiler is characterized by high strength, easy operation, and convenient maintenance. Manufactured with galvanized steel plate and tens of surface treatment processes, the housing of the water tank has fashionable appearance, excellent corrosion resistance, and good durability. The 80mm PU insulating layer provides optimal heat preservation effect. The liner, which is made of 1000×1000mm or 1000×500mm standard galvanized carbon steel, can be installed with little requirement on the construction site.

Electric Heat Tube
The electric heat tube for the solar powered boiler employs Incoloy 800 as the raw material for outstanding heating property. The 72-hour experiment for water-free heating demonstrates the excellent performance of the solar powered boiler.

HKG-IV Control Cabinet
1. Multi-module Control Mode
Our control cabinet for the remote control solar powered boiler employs multi-module control system, breaking through the limitation encountered by traditional single mode control cabinet. There are five circulation modes available for selection. Users can modify the mode based on the actual demand.

2. Short Range Control and Remote Control
The independent control cabinet provides the function of both short range control and remote control.

3. Human-friendly Design
To bring more convenience to the user, our control cabinet for the solar powered boiler is designed with the function of heating water to the required temperature at preset time.

4. Anti-burst Circulation
In case the temperature of the collector is over 95°C, the circulating pump will operate according to the pre-set time period, to lower the water temperature and avoid pipe burst caused by high temperature.

5. Earth Leakage Protection
A residual-current circuit breaker is installed in the wire system of the solar powered boiler. In case there is leakage current in the phase line, the power supply will cut off automatically to avoid accident. In addition, this function realizes the combined application of solar energy and multiple energy sources.

PLC Control Cabinet
The flexible programming of the PLC control cabinet can fully satisfy the personalized demand of the users. In addition to the wide application, high safety, comprehensive functions, high reliability, and high degree of intelligentization, the control cabinet of the solar powered boiler can be programmed based on the actual demand of users, realizing remote control on the solar powered boiler.

1. The PLC control cabinet adopts TMS remote intelligent control system, achieving overall monitoring and high safety.
2. The system can operate independently from the host computer.
3. Convenient and flexible function expansion.
4. Graphic human-computer interface for visualized and easy operation.
5. Real time display enables simple and convenient operation.
6. Remote inquiry on operating parameter and fault diagnosis
7. Schematic diagram for remote control system 

1. Remote Industrial Personal Computer (LE browser)
2. Local Industrial Personal Computer (Configured software)
3. PLC
4. Text Display
5. Equipment to be tested or device under control        

Local Computer Monitoring
The local computer monitoring for the solar powered boiler is composed of computer, configured software, and communication system. The configured software is a tool used for rapid configuration and construction of supervisory computer control system. Through data collection and data processing, the solution is provided to the user in the form of dynamic display, alarm, process control, real-time curve, historical data record, statement, etc.

Our configuration software for the solar powered boiler supports dynamic display, parameter setup for controlled equipment, and manual control on certain devices. The said information can be delivered to the internet, realizing operation independent from the host monitoring computer.

Remote Computer Monitoring
In addition to the internet, the remote computer monitoring centre of the solar powered boiler consists of router, computer, display set, and ultra-large central display, control console, etc.

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