Solid State High Frequency Welder
Solid State High Frequency Welder
Solid State High Frequency Welder
Solid State High Frequency Welder

Solid State High Frequency Welder

High frequency welders are used for manufacturing welded steel tubes, pipe and structural squares, and rectangular tubes. These welders are installed inline on a tube mill and are used to weld the open edge seam after it has been formed from a flat strip in the tube mill.

Welding is continuous to up to hundreds of feet per minute and operates uses high frequency sound waves (heat energy). These high frequency sound waves are concentrated on the open edges of the formed tube until the tube is red hot and forced together via a series of rolls to form the welded seam.


The solid state high frequency welder is composed of the rectifying cabinet, inverter and output cabinet, connecting optical fiber, closed loop water cooling system, central operator console, and mechanical adjustment device.

  • Designed with simple electrical circuit, the solid state high frequency welder is easy to install. With complete protection, it is easy to maintain.
  • It produces very little noise and less pollution to an electric network.
  • Without high pressure, the welder is safe to use.
  • The welding equipment achieves a maximum efficiency of more than 85%, thus saving energy and requires less cooling water.
  • High reliability and stable operation.
  • Easy to maintain, users can repair it on their own.
  • With necessary equipment, the welder is able to be used at the rated power.
  • The control apparatus are universal and require no adjustment.
Main design index for solid state high frequency welder
Output PowerDC PowerModelRated VoltageRated CurrentFrequency RangeWorking DutyApplied Range
60kW80kWGGP60-0.5-HC450V180A450~500kHzContinuousRound pipe: φ8~φ20mm
Thickness: 0.4~0. 7mm
100kW120kWGGP100-0.45-HC450V270A400~450kHzContinuousRound pipe: φ16~φ45mm
Thickness: 0.6~1.5mm
150kW180kWGGP150-0.4-HC450V400A350~400kHzContinuousRound pipe: φ20~φ50mm
Thickness: 0.8~2.0mm
200kW240kWGGP200-0.35-HC450V530A300~350kHzContinuousRound pipe: φ45~φ76mm
Thickness: 1.5~3.25mm
250kW300kWGGP250-0.35-HC450V670A300~350kHzContinuousRound pipe: φ45~φ89mm
Thickness: 1.5~4.0mm
300kW360kWGGP300-0.35-HC450V800A300~350kHzContinuousRound pipe: φ50~φ114mm
Square pipe: under 200×200mm
Thickness: 2.5~4.0mm
400kW480kWGGP400-0.3-HC450V1070A200~300kHzContinuousRound pipe: φ114~φ165mm
Square pipe: under 200×200mm
Thickness: 4.0~8.0mm
500kW600kWGGP500-0.3-HC450V1330A200~300kHzContinuousRound pipe: φ165~φ219mm
Square pipe: 200×200mm~300×300mm
Thickness: 4.0~10.0mm
600kW720kWGGP600-0.3-HC450V1600A200~300kHzContinuousRound pipe: φ219~φ273mm
Square pipe: 200×200mm~300×300mm
Thickness: 6.0~12.0mm
700kW840kWGGP700-0.25-HC450V1870A150~250kHzContinuousRound pipe: φ219~φ325mm
Square pipe: 300×300mm~400×400mm
Thickness: 6.0~12.0mm
800kW960kWGGP800-0.25-HC450V2130A150~250kHzContinuousRound pipe: φ273~φ406mm
Square pipe: 300×300mm~400×400mm
Thickness: 6.0~14.0mm
1000kW1200kWGGP1000-0.25-HC450V2670A150~250kHzContinuousRound pipe: φ355~φ508mm
Square pipe: 300×300mm~500×500m
Thickness: 4.0~16.0mm
1200kW1440kWGGP1200-0.25-HC450V3200A150~250kHzContinuousRound pipe: φ325~φ610mm
Square pipe: 300×300mm~500×500mm
Thickness: 4.0~20.0mm

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